so i noticed a bunch of surfers out here at big corona beach and thought it’d be fun to take photos of them riding the surf. this dude was the closest to where i was and so he was my “model” for the day. i think he was waiting for a “big one” to ride but he didn’t really do much, or if he did i’d miss it.

anyways, i got some great wave shots with him in the background that made the photos have more personality. the top one was one of my favorite shots. i love how these turned out. :)

Sing like no one is listening, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like no one is watching and live like it’s heaven on earth.

Mark Twain

This has always been my favorite quote for as long as I know. It’s awesome.

Surfs up!

I’ll have some awesome photos uploaded here at some point later tomorrow (aka today). Great beach shots. If you can’t wait, go check out my Instagram page (photosynthethicgenie) to see some sneak peaks I uploaded just for you guys. :) enjoy and goodnight!


I’ll have some (hopefully) awesome photos for you guys. Photoshoot! Kinda lol. Might post a few on my Instagram as teasers.

photo madness

haven’t gone out to shoot in a while with my canon, but hopefully again soon. in the meantime when i don’t have my trusty camera with me, i’ve got my iphone and instagram. been trying to keep up with that so loads of photos on there already and some more recent ones so go check those out if you already haven’t! just search for “photosyntheticgenie” when you’re in instagram! <3